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Application Stories - GSHD Series Servo Drive
2021-01-19 mktadmin

GSHD series servo drive is a high-performance drive with high-speed current loop, speed loop and position loop. It adopts FFD algorithm, nonlinear algorithm and identification method based on time domain auto-tuning to make the system faster and more accurate. GSHD series servo drives support multiple control modes and are compatible with mainstream encoders. It is lightweight and easy to debug, and is widely used in many industrial automation control fields such as CNC machining centers, semiconductors, industrial robots, automated production lines and 3C equipment.


A. High Precision PCB Drilling Machine

As electronic products continue to develop towards high density and miniaturization, PCB precision drilling machines have been widely used. PCB drilling machines are mostly point motion control modes, which require the system to have extremely high processing accuracy, speed and real-time response capabilities. GSHD series servo drives are based on the gLink-II Gigabit Ethernet protocol, which ensures the high-speed and real-time response of the system. At the same time, the drive can be connected with a second encoder to reduce mechanical errors and improve system accuracy. Help customers achieve equipment speed 1.5m/s, acceleration 15m/s², and system error control within ±3um..

High Precision: External encoder or grating ruler can be connected to realize full closed-loop control and reduce mechanical errors.
High Real-Time Performance: Adopt Gigabit Ethernet protocol and advanced current loop control algorithm.
High Reliability: Adopt redundant ring topology structure to realize data redundancy and link redundancy.
Simple wiring and convenient debugging.


B. Multi-Channel Glass Processing Center

The glass processing center integrates glass cutting, edging, drilling and other technologies. It has complete functions and high production efficiency. It is widely used in industrial sites. The glass processing center has strict requirements on the feed speed of each axis, the accuracy of the motion path and the smoothness. GSHD series servo drives adopt advanced current loop control algorithm and gLink-II Gigabit Ethernet protocol to ensure the high speed, high precision and high dynamic response of the system. In the application of multi-channel, multi-axis linkage glass processing center, the equipment processing track accuracy is 8um and the repeat positioning accuracy is 5um.


Vibration Suppression Control: Advanced vibration suppression control algorithm to ensure stable operation of the machine.
High Speed and High Dynamic Response: Adopt gLink-II Gigabit Ethernet protocol and advanced current loop control algorithm.
High Precision: Support 23-bit high-precision encoder.
User-Friendly Interface: The newly designed user interface facilitates parameter adjustment and supports simultaneous debugging of multiple units.


C. Coordinate-Measuring Machine

Coordinate-measuring machines are widely used in industries such as automobiles, aerospace, molds, and machinery manufacturing because of their flexible measurement methods, fast measurement speed, accurate output data, and intuitive detection results. The coordinate-measuring machine requires the system to have extremely high accuracy and ensure the synchronous and stable operation of the three axes. GSHD series servo drives can be connected with a second encoder to realize full-closed loop control and improve system accuracy. Its advanced current loop control algorithm ensures the synchronization and rapid response capability of the system. When the equipment is running at 500mm/s and acceleration/deceleration is 3000mm/s², it helps customers to control the repeat positioning accuracy of the coordinate-measuring machine within ±0.4μm.

High Precision: External encoder or grating ruler can be connected to realize full closed loop control and improve system accuracy.
High Dynamic Response: With advanced current loop control algorithm, current loop refresh cycle 31.25μs, speed loop refresh cycle 125μs, position loop refresh cycle 125μs.
Sampling Data is Dense and Accurate: Using gLink-II Gigabit Ethernet protocol, the oscilloscope sampling cycle can reach 62.5μs.
Easy to Operate and Maintain: Connect to the man-machine interface, which can display parameters intuitively, and is convenient for debugging.


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