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GUC-T Series Embedded Motion Controller

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GUC-T Series Embedded Motion Controller

GUC-800-TPV/TPG series embedded motion controllers integrated both PC functions and motion control functions in one architecture. The motion control part is using Googol Technology GTS - series controller architecture which is developed based on 32-bit Blackfin DSP + FPGA architecture. Its abundant control functions make it widely applied in high speed, high precision point-to-point motion area and multi-axis (up to 8 axes) and synchronization motion areas. The PC part is designed based on the powerful embedded Intel chipset architecture that successfully integrates features as digital signal control, motion control and logic control into one board and thereby achieves much better control performance, greater reliability as well as high stability.

The highly integrated embedded architecture also come with greater thermal reliability, significantly boosting the shelf life of the systems and affording greater value and mileage for the customers. In addition, the cost-effectiveness is also one of advantages of this GUC series controller. In addition, the IO extension is designed for machines that need plentiful input/output channels; human machine interface (HMI) and network IO extension modules are also provided as a one-stop solution to allow more flexible uses of the controllers.



Embedded PC

-              CPU (Selectable): (M01) 600MHz; (M02) 1GHz

-              RAM: 256M

-              Display: VGA, HMI

-              Hard Drive (Selectable): DOM: 1G, 2G, 4G, Hardisk: 80G, 120G

-              USB2.0 X 2

-              Keyboard Mouse: PS/2

-              RS232 X 1

-              Network: RTL8139, 10M/100M

Operating System (Selectable)

-              DOS (Recommend 1G DOM)

-              WinCE (Recommend 1G DOM)

-              Windows XP (Recommend 4G DOM)

Motion Control

Total 8 Axes motors control, for each axis:

-              Pulse Output, Max Frequency: 1MHZ

-              Analog Output (ESV model only): -10V ~ +10V; Accuracy: 16 Bits

-              Encoder Feedback, Max Frequency: 8MHZ

-              Home and Index Hardware Capture

-              Limit Sensors for Positive and Negative, Servo Alarm

Motion Control Functions:

-              Non-Symmetry T Curve, S-Curve Motion planning

-              JOG Mode

-              PT Motion Planning (Optional)

-              E-Gear

-              Follow Mode (E-CAM) (Optional)

-              Close Loop (TPV) and Open Loop

-              Digital Filter: PID + Velocity Feedforward + Acc Feedforward

-              Logic Control in Motion Controller(Optional)

-              Configurable IOs

I/O Function

16 Digital Input / 16 Digital Output


-          Digital IO Module, AD/DA Module

-          Googol Technology’s HMI

Working Environment

-          Temperature: 0~55

-          Humidity: 5%~90%


+18V- +36V, Icc=3A MAX

Dimension (GUC)

296 × 160 × 77 mm

Dimension (Terminal Board)


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