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GNC Series Embedded Motion Controller

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GNC Series Embedded Motion Controller

GNC series embedded motion controller is an embedded multi-axis motion controller based on the gLink-II bus and EtherCAT bus. Customers can choose different types of axis control modules (3/4/6 axis modules) according to their own needs, and quickly build a motion control system to meet their demand for distributed field motion control and control system flexibility.
gLink-II gigabit network protocol is based on the ring network architecture, which can cascade up to 240 sites, and realize the precise tracking and synchronization control of multiple machines. The gigabit protocol has a fast transmission speed and a large amount of information. The system master station can debug and manage the control information and sensor information of all slave stations, which greatly facilitates equipment debugging and expansion, and is very suitable for applications in digital and intelligent factories. Through the library files provided by the controller in the development environment, such as VC, VB, C#, etc. Users can easily realize the programming of the controller and build an automated control system.
GNC series embedded motion controllers provide equipment manufacturers with a new generation of reliable and fully interconnected motion control solutions with multiple axes and multiple IO points, which can be applied to non-standard automation equipment, 3C equipment, lithium battery equipment, textiles, packaging, Assembly line workstations, etc.

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