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Softpro Control Platform

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Softpro Control Platform

Softpro is a software platform for iDEABOX series, with the advantages of variety of programming languages, modular programming structures and integration programming ways. It integrates advanced Basic programming functions, and covers multitasking processor, function & operation mode, data type, local data and other properties, with support of import and export function among different programs, to realize the reusable control system. Based on these functions, Softpro makes programming simple, easy to understand, and convenient to maintain. Softpro is an advanced high-performance automation programming software with wider applications beyond the logic control needs. It can be also applied to motion control, HMI interaction, communication handshake, file statements and complex mathematical function. Based on the high-accuracy and flexible request in industrial applications, Softpro concentrates on making more creative and advanced control function and tools to provide solutions on user’s requests.



Programming Language

Softpro is a programming environment based on IEC61131-3 international standards and provides 6 programming languages:

-              Instruction List (IL)

-              Function Block Diagram (FBD)

-              Ladder Diagram (LD)

-              Structured Text (ST)

-              Sequential Function Chart (SFC)

-              Continuous Function Chart (CFC)

Remote Maintenance and Access

-              Real-time display of abnormality warning

-              Remote equipment log checking

-              Able to configure SMS and e-mail function

-              OPC (OLE used for process control)

-              iClient customer end, quickly build an industrial private cloud platform.

Multiple Encryption

Protect User's Intellectual Property Effectively

-              Read-write protection of program

-              Upload encryption function of program

-              Able to set duration of customer usage

-              Encrypted external technology library file

-              Binding with hardware core/BIOS

HMI Configuration Interface

Softpro integrates HMI feature, by which user can realize monitoring program, warning handling program, software oscilloscope, etc.

Auxiliary Functions

Softpro supports real-time clock, Watchdog timer, password protection, sampling tracking, log management and off-line simulation debugging, etc.

Multithreading Hard Real-Time Motion Control Core (Only for Softpro Motion Control)

-              Softpro is a software platform of iDEABOX series controllers, based on IEC61131-3 international standard and PLCopen standard.

-              By the real-time core of DSP, it ensures the real-time and high-speed high-precision control.

-              Supper-EtherCAT, which is matched perfectly with bottom hardware, makes fieldbus performance have a maximum effect on PLC and motion control.

Powerful Motion Control Function (Only for Softpro Motion Control)

Softpro contains a wealth of function library files. Its motion control supports coordinating operation of single-axis and multi-axis and also multi-axis interpolation, linear interpolation between two arbitrary axes, arc interpolation among three axes.

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