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iDEABOX Series I/O

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iDEABOX Series I/O

Suitable for high-speed high-precision control of factory automation and machine automation, iDEABOX series I/O can realize networking based on EtherCAT network and gLink network. In addition to digital I/O and analog I/O, there are 17 I/O modules available, such as pulse input, axis control module and temperature input.

EtherCAT Extension Module
Support 8pcs local I/O module expansion

gLink Bus Extension Set
Support rack I/O expansion

gLink Relay Module
Support local rack 8pcs I / O module expansion

4-Axis Motion Control Module
General purpose input and limit signals
Maximum output frequency 500KHz

High Speed Counting Module
8 channel input, maximum pulse input frequency 500KHz

Digital I/O Module
32 channel input units
16 channel, 32 channel output units
16 channel input/16 channel output mixing units

Analog I/O Module    
+/-10V voltage and 0~20mA current signal
4 channel,8 channel input units
4 channel output units
4 channel input/4 channel output mixing units

Please download the datasheet for detailed specifications.

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