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GS-611 Series motion controller
  GS-611 Series motion controller
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  GS-611 motion controller integrates Googol Technology¡¯s GUS series controller with stepping motor drive. It can control and drive 6 stepping motors simultaneously. It possesses excellent point-to-point motion function and is especially suitable for point-to-point control type equipment such as automatic welding robot, automatic screw assembly machine, automatic glue spreading machine, medical analysing equipment and biotechnology equipment, etc.
Main Features
  • Integration of up to 6-axis motion control and stepping motor drive. Stepping motor can be connected to the controller directly.
  • Fully support OtoStudio programming environment of IEC61131-3 standard.
  • Support remote diagnosis and analysis via Ethernet.
  • Support multiple-axis interpolation, step curve, Jog motion, electronic gear/electronic cam motion.
  • Supports *eHMI interface.
  • Provide low cost I/O module solution via **gLink bus.
  • 16 input/16 output local digital I/O, 6-channel zero position capture input.
  • 1-channel incremental encoder input interface.
  • * eHMI is a high speed and stable interface using for the communication between the controller and touch panel. The maximum length of the eHMI cable is 100M. Using RJ45 connector, user can easily make the cable with simple hand tool.
  • ** gLink is a high speed IO communication protocol develops by Googol Technology. gLink supports speed up to 6.125Mbps.
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