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GUC-ECAT motion controller
  GUC-ECAT motion controller
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The GUC-ECAT series motion controller which is compatible with EtherCAT Technology, can synchronously control up to 64 axes and supports standard IEC61131-3. Due to its high computation speed and supports large number of IOs, the controller is widely used in different demanding industries.

GUC-ECAT provides low cost solution to equipment manufacturer. Clients can select EtherCAT modules from different manufacturers to build different systems. With the help of development platform: OtoStudio, user can greatly reduce the development time due to its sufficient function libraries.

By using GUC-ECAT controller, fewer cables are needed. It thus helps clients to easy wiring and reduces maintenance cost.

Main Features
  • Shortest control period can reach 250uS
  • Development platform fully supports OtoStudio programming environment of IEC61131-3 standard
  • Support remote diagnosis and analysis via Ethernet
  • Human Machine Interaction support eHMI interface
  • Provide low cost I/O module solution via gLink (Googol trademark) bus
  • Two-channel encoder interface, support incremental or absolute encoder, can be configured to support synchronous function of multiple GUC-ECAT controller
  • Equip with encrypted chip design for software protection and end user payment control (optional)
  • Power failure protection solution (optional)
System Layout
Ordering Guide
  • Robot, textile and weaving, flying shears, printing, packaging, semiconductor, medical equipment, automatic production line and other industries.


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