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GTS series motion controller
  GTS series motion controller
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The cutting edge GTS series motion controller is equipped with DSP and FPGA. With this architecture, high speed and accurate motion can be achieved. The PCI-based GTS, supporting C language and the comprehensive library, provides users a tool to build motion systems efficiently and effectively. The ability of high speed calculation realizes real-time multi-axis motion. The GTS motion controller is therefore suitable for some fields which require accurate motion control such as CNC and robotic.

The PVT mode provided by GTS can achieve a smooth contour motions. Incorporate with the 3D circular interpolation, a fine and smooth trajectory can be drawn to fulfill the various needs. Furthermore, every GTS motion controller undergoes comprehensive quality checks before delivery to ensure a high standard of product reliability. Through years of evolutions, GTS motion controller is well accepted with its stability, reliability and performance.

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