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  The GSMT series DC servo control experiment platform provides the basic experiment device for elementary control and automation courses in electronic and computer engineering, mechanical engineering. Various experiments such as system identification, modeling of DC servo motor, controller design and controller performance analysis etc. can be performed. With this platform, users can understand the basic principles of PID's influence on system performance index, master the method to adjust the PID current controller, speed controller and position controller parameters of the DC servo motor and comprehend the influence of damping torque and disturbing torque on position and speed control performance, so as to learn the practical skills of the motion control. The series contains GSMT2012, the system of intelligent servo drive-based single motor; and GSMT2014, the system of twin motors based on high-performance motion controller GT-400 developed by Googoltech and the intelligent servo drive, which enables the real time control experiment under MATLAB/Simulink, and covers system modeling and stability analysis, time-domain analysis of second-order system, root locus analysis of third-order system, frequency-response analysis, PID calibration, root locus correction, frequency domain method correction and state feedback. By contrasting different control methods, one can better understand the control theories and learn their applications. In addition, Googoltech also provides controller free DC servo experiment platform GSMT2004 that allow users to integrate the self-developed controller or third party controllers flexibly. The model GSMT2004 come with sensors of DC servo motor, encoder, speed measuring motor, rectilinear potentiometer.
Control Mode
  (I) Digital Control
    The basic model (GSTM2012) uses PC com port to communicate with the intelligent driver and motor with velocity and position.
      (II) Analog Control
        The optional analog control box model GAES1001 directly uses amplifier to control the motor by the analog circuit. User could implement simple PID control.
          (III) Control under Googoltech motion controller
            For model GSTM2014 only, using dedicated PCI motion controller model from Googoltech to achieve real time control in the MatLab environment with high accuracy and degree of linearity.
              System Configuration




              (I) Hardware System

              Device Main Body

              DC servo motor, encoder, driving belt and inertia disc. 

              Electric Box

              24V DC Output Intelligent Servo Driver


              Motion Controller

              Googoltech Motion Control card

              For GSMT2014 only

              Analog Control Module

              Linear Amplifier


              (II) Control System

              -              MATLAB

              For version up to 2010b - GSMT2014a

              For 2012b or later - GSMT2014b

              For GSMT2014 only

              -              Easy Motion Studio


              For GSMT2012 & 2014

              -              Analog Control Module



              (III) Specifications




              Gear Ratio






              Linearity: ­+1.5%

              Gross Weight



              AC220V 50HZ 1A

              System Weight






              Ordering Guide

              Model No.




              DC Servo Control experiment platform


              -            DC servo control system main body (Basic)

              -            Electric Box (Basic)

              -            Easy Motion Studio control software platform

              -            MATLAB control platform

              -            Manual & Experiment guide book

              -            Analog Control Module (Optional)


              Integrated DC servo control experiment platform

              -              DC servo control system main body (Integrated)

              -              Electric control box (Integrate)

              -              GT-400-SV motion control card

              -              Easy Motion Studio control software platform
              MATLAB T control platform

              -              Manual & Experiment guide book

              -              Analog Control Module (Optional)


              DC Servo Control experiment platform

              (controller free)

              -              DC servo control system main body equipped with sensors, encoder, tachometer, rectilinear potentiometer.

              -              Installation manual



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