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GN Ethernet Interface Module
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Ethernet Interface Module
  User that needs to communicate through Ethernet network may select the Ethernet network interface module provided by Googol Technology. Same as PROFIBUS-DP field bus interface module, this module is inserted into the motion controller also with the same interface socket with DIP pins similar with PC104 standard bus interface to form a motion controller with Ethernet network interface.
    Technical and Specifications:
    • Support IEEE802.3-1998/ANSI8802-3 and Ethernet network standard.
    • Support 10/100Mbs half-duplex or full-duplex mode.
    • Compatible with AM7990 LANCE & AM79C960 Pcnet-ISA Ethernet network controller in compliance with industrial standard.
    • Transmit and receive FIFO independently and support full-duplex mode.
    • Automatic resending function.
    • Fill small transmitting data frame with dummy data automatically.
    • Delete conflicted data fragments automatically.
    • FCS generator for dynamic transmitting based on frame one by one.
    • Perfect DMA memory management achieves the lowest CPU consumption.
    • Require MII to match external PHY.
    • Requirement for environment - operating temperature: 0 - 60íŠ.
    • Relative humidity: 5% - 90%, non-condensing


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