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GN RS 485 Interface Module
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  RS-485 network interface module is a programmable communication module with CPU, which adopts X86 series 80188. User can program as needed, fulfill communication and control with the communication software interface provided by Googol Technology. RS-485 network interface module has a RS-485 and RS-232 user interface, a PC104 standard bus interface connected with motion controller, which can be inserted into Googol motion controller and establish an economical network motion control system. At the same time, Googol Technology provides human-machine control interface module with RS-485 network function and Chinese display module to facilitate establishing network control system.
Technical Specification
  • Interface characteristics: RS-232C and RS-485 standard compatible with EIA/TIA.
  • Electric interface: RS-485 interface module with a 10-pin terminal.
  • Transferring media: Twisted-pair or shield cable.
  • Work mode: 16C550 UART with 16-bit FIFO structure; RST or automatic RS-485 data stream control.
  • Signal indicator light: Two double-color indicator lights TXD and RXD.
  • Isolation voltage: Isolated voltage 3500VRMS, 500VDC continuous.
  • Transmission rate: 115.2K bps for 1.2Km, 38.4K bps for 2.4Km and 9600 bps for 5Km
  • Protection grade: Isolated RS-485 with an isolated voltage of 500V.
  • Transmission distance: 0-5Km (115200-9600BPS)
  • Requirement for environment:
  • Operating temperature: 0-60íŠ
  • Relative humidity: 5%- 90%, non-condensing.


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