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RS232/485 Interface Conversion Module
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  Realize half-duplex conversion from RS-232 interface to RS-485 interface. When applying RS-485 network communication, because the whole communication system is connected through RS-485 bus and each control unit is far from each other, to ensure the system reliable, RS-485 interface terminal adopts the separate driving mode in each channel and photoelectric isolation with 3500V isolating voltage to connect host-linked RS-232 with RS-485 interface terminal. The high-speed transient voltage suppresser (TVS) can effectively restrain lightening and ESD, and effectively avoid lightening strike or other interferences.
Technical Specification

Interface characteristics:

RS-232C and RS-485 standard compatible with EIA/TIA.

Electric Interface:         

DB9 female connector of RS-232C interface and RS-485 interface module with a 10-pin terminal.

Transferring media:

Twisted-pair or shield cable.

Work mode:

Asynchronous half-duplex.

Signal indicator light:

Two double-color indicator light TXD and RXD.

Isolation voltage:

Isolated voltage 3500VRMS, 500VDC continuous.

Transmission rate:

115.2K bps for 1.2Km, 38.4K bps for 2.4Km and 9600 bps for 5Km

Protection grade:

+15KV ESD protection for RS-232 and 1500W lightening strikes surging protection of each line for RS-485.

Transmission distance:

0-5Km (115200-9600bps)


Operating temperature: 0-60J

Relative humidity:

5%- 90%, non-condensing


100mm x 70mm x 115mm


Hardware Structure


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