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GTHD High Performance Servo Drive
  GTHD Series High Performance Servo Drive
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  The GTHD series high performance servo drive features hardware and software design innovations that deliver superior servo performance, industry-leading power density and extensive versatility. GTHD supports virtually any motor, any feedback type, and any I/O requirement. Product functionality covers most applications that servo control needs, offering seamless commissioning through ServoITE software or direct terminal access, with all¨Cin-one tuning of current, velocity, and position control loops.
Main Features
  • High power density drive in one of the smallest footprints
  • New current loop design for outstanding frequency response of up to 3 kHz
  • Real time Auto-Tune function minimizing position error and settling time
  • Anti-Vibration algorithm that effectively eliminates any mechanical resonance
  • User friendly ServoITE software for simple commissioning within minutes
  • Encoder feedback interpolation - total theoretical resolution supported as much as 26 bits
  • Furthermore, GTHD can connect seamlessly with Googoltech¡¯s multi-axes motion controller, such as GTS-, GUC- series throughout high efficient gLink communication protocol and therefore provide all-in-one solutions for wide range of industrial applications.

    Specifications and Dimension
    • ServoITE is a graphic user interface (GUI) provided wih the GTHD to enable set up, configuration and tuning of the drive. It allows you to program the drive parameters specifically for the motor to which the GTHD is connected, and for the particular operation that the drive will be performing in the machine.
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