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Laser Scanner Motion Controller (GE-200-SV-SCAN)
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  GE-200-SV-SCAN laser scanner is the new generation of the GOOGOLTECH laser scanner family, specially designed for laser applications. Based on the structure of higher frequency DSP processor and FPGA, this type of controller can control scanner, motors and laser synchronously and effectively. The scanning capability varies from small scan field to large scan field, suitable for the uses of laser cutting, laser engraving, laser drilling, etc.
Technical Specification
  Motor Motion Control:
  • 2 Axes of linear or circular interpolation.
  • Motion pause, stop and resume.
  • List (buffer) commands and immedicate commands.
  • Automatically stop the motion when the LIMIT is triggered.
  • 200us motor control cycle
  • HOME and INDEX signal hardware capture, high speed position locked.
  • Pulse output frequency: linear interpolation up to 256KHz, circular interpolation up to 160KHz.
  • Command enable or disable the LIMIT and ALARM input.
  • 8K buffer for storing motion information.
  • Support the management of coordinate system offset.
  • Two channels of pulse or voltage output. Output mode switchable.
  • Supply the delay between two motion commands, in pulse out mode, the unit is: 200us, in voltage out mode, the unit is: 10us.
Scanner Control:
  • Analogy voltage output for scanner control only, offering 2 axes linear or circular interpolation.
  • Two modes of the marking on the fly: with or without encoder feedback.
  • Two types of interfaces are provided for the controller and the scanner driver: analog voltage interface and series data transfer interface (XY2-100).
Laser Control:
  • One channel of HSIO to control laser power On/Off.
  • Laser power On/Off delay, the delay unit: 1us.
  • Three types of laser power signal control: PWM and Pulse frequency.
  • 1. PWM output frequency: 200Hz~55kHz; default: 200Hz.
  • 2. the PWM duty cycle: 0%~100%; default: 50%.
  • 3. the pulse frequency: 200Hz~55KHz; default: 200Hz.
  • Three types of work modes.
  • 1. Laser power: laser power output varies with the feed rate.
  • 2. Directly output mode: laser power can be set directly before path commands.
  • 3. Picture engraving mode: hardware control laser on/off at special position. Usually for the *.bmp file engraving.
  • When the list command has been executing, user still can add an offset on the current laser power in order to improve the laser power on line.
Input and Output:
  • Two axes of output with two LIMIT and 1 HOME for each axis, one channel of optical-isolated signal.
  • Two channels of servo enable and servo reset signal, optical-isolated.
  • Two channels of pulse output (+/-pulse or pulse + dir).
  • Two voltage output channels, 16 bits of the D/A resolution; voltage scale: -10v~10v.
  • One channel of laser power on/off signal output and one channel of PWM output.
  • 3 channels of encoder interface for pulse feedback and 2 channels of index capture.
Dedicated I/O:
  • 16 channels of input and 16 channels of output.
  • ISA, PC104, PCI bus style
  • GE-200-SV-SCAN controller + PC
  • GE-200-SV-SCAN controller + Embedded platform (optional)
System Software:
  • Device driver under WINDOWS98/2000/XP/NT and DLL. C and C++ under DOS.
Ordering Information

Model No.



Standard package


GE-200-SV-SCAN control card



Terminal board



1.5m long 62PIN cable



A CD containing manual and function testing, driving routines.




Terminal board with higher digital output current


3m long 62PIN cable


Application samples


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