Question 1

Q : When I use the SV motion controller to control a servomotor, the motor is out of corol when enabling the servo-on signal. Please explain why.

A : There are several reasons that cause a motor to out of control:

  1. The motion controller has an incorrect setting of the encoder direction. This produces a positive feedback loop and keeps the motor spinning. The solution is to reverse the phase A and phase B on the encoder
  2. Incorrect setting of the servo motor parameters. For example a Panasonic servo motor, an incorrect setting of CW or CCW direction will cause motor to out of control. The solution is to re-setting the motion direction parameters of the servo package (driver)

Question 2

Q : When using an ISA bus motion controller under Windows, the system always prompts "fail to open the motion controller" when demo program is started. Why?

A : This is because the communication between PC and motion controller is not yet established. There are several causes of this problem:

  1. If the device driver program for the ISA bus motion controller has not been installed, please install the device driver.
  2. Turn off the PC, check if the motion controller has proper contact with the ISA slot.
  3. Check the setting of jumpers on the motion controller. Default setting of JP1 is on address 0X300.
  4. Go to the installed directory and check the configuration and parameters in the file "GTCmd.ini" in the DEMO folder to make sure the motion controller has the corresponding setting.
  5. If you have done the above and the motion controller card is still not working, contact Googol Technology technical support for advice.

Question 3

Q : When I install the PCI-bus motion controller card, the system always indicates that "cannot find the device driver".
A : This may be caused by the hardware defect of the motion controller card. Please contact Googol Technology technical support for services.

Question 4

Q : I am using a PCI-bus motion controller card under Windows 2000. The device driver has been installed successfully and the motion controller card works fine. However when I restart the PC and run the demo, the PC indicates that the PCI device cannot be found and fail to open PCI device.
A : This indicates that the motion controller card, though is used, is not running properly. Please check the Windows device manager to see if interrupt of the motion controller card is same as other PCI devices. If so, please plug the motion controller card in another PCI slot until the interrupts are different.

Question 5

Q : I am controlling a stepping motor. But the motor rotates in the same direction regardless the command is for CW or CCW.
A : A motion controller controls stepping motor in two modes - CW/CCW pulse train output mode and pulse train with direction signal output mode. The incorrect setting of control output mode may cause this problem. Please try to change the setting to another control mode.

Question 6

Q: When an ISA bus motion controller card is inserted, the PC cannot be started.
A : This may be due to motion controller hardware defect, please contact Googol Technology technical support for services.

Question 7

Q : Why would the interpolation coordinate and value of speed collected has a sudden change sometime?
A : This is caused by the communication between PC and motion controller card. It does not mean the actual pulse sent to the motor is suddenly changed. Yet if the user requires this data for logic judgment, such as soft limit, then it is necessary to filter the false signal during the sampling. For example, when judging the soft limit, the user can get the coordinate data twice and judge whether the continuously sampled coordinates over travel the soft limit.

Question 8

Q : The erratic motion is caused when issue GT_StpMtn, the stop motion command in buffer, during executing the command GT_MVXY, the positioning to the start point of the command in buffer. Why?
A : This caused by the characteristics of the motion controller. In developing the control program, avoid issuing the stop motion command during the execution of positioning command in buffer.

Question 9

Q : I am using Windows and a PCI-bus card. Why the status and position data acquired in the process of motion were not correct?
A : To allow interrupt under Windows, Googol Technology has embedded the interrupt in the drive program. When an interrupt is generated, and the application has not processed the interrupt accordingly, the drive program will automatically set the axis that has generated the interrupt as the current axis, and clear the interrupt indication. So when initializing the PCI-bus card, follow the initialization procedures in the user manual, and set the value of the interrupt mask register of each axis as "0".

Question 10

Q : After sending the speed, acceleration and position data, the position data value jumps to target value, while the speed parameter is set at 100 pulse/ST and the position parameter is set at 1000 pulses.
A : The speed parameter was set too high and the position parameter too small. In this specific case, it only takes some ten control cycles to arrive the target position. The speed and acceleration settings of Googol motion controller card are in terms of number of pulses per control cycle, and the default control cycle is 200 ŭgs (or 400 ŭgs). Please read the user manual before setting the parameters about speed and acceleration.

Question 11

Q : The LED on the terminal board is not lit.
A : The fuse on the card is burnt out. Replace it with the spare fuse shipped with the motion controller. When the motion controller is in use, do not plug or unplug the controller and terminal board. If you need to buy the fuse, please choose very fast-acting type fuse with ampere range 2Aand static resistance less than 1 ohm.

Question 12

Q : If I am using GT-400-SG, and my driver does not have an alarm signal, could I leave it open?
A : Yes, however you need to connect Pin 1 and Pin 2 of CN5(CN6, CN7, CN8) on the terminal board.

Question 13

Q: When I run the demo program on GT-400-SG--PCI-S, the "fail to open device" message is shown. Why?
A : In the installed directory, open the configuration file"GTCmd.ini" in the DEMO folder, set the base address=65535, then save the file. Re-run the Demo program.

Question 14

Q : I am using GT motion controller to control a steeping motor. When executing multiple segments continuous linear or circular interpolations, the machine is vibrating and the finished path is not smooth enough, especially at the intersection point between two paths.
A : This problem is caused by the characteristics of stepping motor. When there is a significant change in speed in a short period of time, the stepping motor may lose steps or stall. To handle this situation, motion controller has a specific solution. The user should add GT_SetAccLmt() function in the initialization process. Also adjust the setting of acceleration limit. The problem should be solved.

Question 15

Q : I am using your PC104 bus motion controller. During the development, we use ISA bus to develop and test. It works fine. But when using a PC104 module IPC as its host PC, the motor will keep on rotating. Why?
A : Please check CN5 on the motion controller is connected with a proper power supply.

Question 16

Q : In the commands executing in buffer, do the GT_SetSynVel() and GT_SetSynAcc() have segment numbers?
A : No. Only the linear and circular interpolation commands have segment number in those commands executing in buffer.

Question 17

Q : I am running multi-threaded program under Windows. Why will the motion controller provide incorrect value?
A : When using multi-threaded program, be careful not to send multiple commands simultaneously. GT motion controller is a single-threaded programming device, it will produce error when receiving two or more commands simultaneously.

Question 18

Q : I am using GT-SV motion control card, and find the INDEX signal cannot be captured. I have used oscilloscope to check that the signal has been sent. But the bit to indicate the INDEX signal captured in the status register has not been set.
A : GT motion controller has bandwidth requirement on INDEX signal: its bandwidth must be greater than the bandwidth of phase A signal of the encoder. If the INDEX signal does not satisfy this requirement, there is a problem that the signal may not be captured. In this case, contact Googol Technology technical support.

Question 19

Q : I am using GT motion controller card with a linear encoder, and the linear encoder outputs single-ended signal as feedback signal. It works fine in the laboratory but in the field: the reading from the linear encoder is drifting when the motor is still stall.
A : This is caused by the interference in the field. Please contact Googol Technology technical support to help.

Question 20

Q : When I insert a motion controller card into the PCI(or ISA) slot of the PC, the communication
is abnormal. I found that the bracket of the card is so high that the gold finger of the card
can't well contact with the slot of the PC. How shall I do?
A : By loosening the fix screw between the bracket and the motion controller card with a spanner, the bracket height can be adjusted to a proper position.
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