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Ceramic Mobile Phone Back Cover Processing Control System

With the advent of 5G era, the demand for ceramic case of mobile phone continues to increase. The ceramic case is beautiful and comfortable to handle, but it is hard and difficult to process. Due to its high strength, it has high requirements on the main axis, body and tool of the machine tool during processing, and the processing efficiency is several times lower than that of glass and metal. Googoltech's OpenCNC system development platform optimizes machining trajectories, uses probes for contour error compensation, explores tool wear compensation and tool life management methods, and greatly improves the efficiency of ceramic housing processing.

Main Features

 Ceramic mobile phone back cover processing, the track is mostly small line segment processing, trajectory optimization for the process, using small line segment fitting, arc, blending and other algorithms can improve processing efficiency and processing quality.

 Combined with the probe detection function, the special contour error compensation algorithm can be used to improve the machining accuracy.

 After many process tests, the improved tool wear compensation and tool life management functions are summarized, which greatly improves the yield and processing quality.

Innovation Highlights

 Complete the ceramic mobile phone back cover processing function.

 With probe detection function, and contour compensation by using the structure of the probe.

 Multiple detection solutions for different ceramic workpieces.

 With a variety of compensation functions, such as unilateral compensation, pitch error compensation, radius compensation, length compensation, friction compensation, etc., which greatly improve the machining accuracy.

 With trajectory optimization function, trajectory optimization for ceramic processing to improving the processing quality.

 Ceramic processing has a large tool loss; the system has tool life management function.

 With graphic simulation function, it is convenient to verify whether the processing track is correct.

 With tool change and automatic tool setting.

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