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Meter Transmitter DL-BW-B Series

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Meter Transmitter DL-BW-B Series

The meter transmitter can connect to multiple sensors at the same time. This series of transmitters supports a variety of power supply methods, and the built-in battery can be adapted to difficult scenarios of field power supply, providing customers with a complete field water quality monitoring data transmission program.
The meter transmitter supports RS485 bus communication, using standard Modbus RTU protocol, and can support up to 4 channels of sub-devices at the same time; through analog signal acquisition, using 4-20mA and 0-10V two channels can support each 1 Simultaneous access of road equipment. Users can quickly configure sensor information, connect to the transmitter, and transmit data in real time.          

The DL-BW-B meter transmitter supports wireless data output. Through Wi-Fi and 4G networks, users can upload the collected data to the cloud and support HTTP and MQTT protocols. Users can realize remote data viewing through WQS-Server (WQS cloud service). DL-BW-B also supports wired data output, through the RS485 host connection interface, users can read data through Modbus RTU protocol.

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