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WQS-F Series Full Spectrum Water Quality Sensor

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WQS-F Series Full Spectrum Water Quality Sensor

The WQS-F series multi-parameters sensors using the principle of UV-V absorption spectroscopy to monitor the "light pattern" wavelength in the range of 200-800nm in real time. Through AI algorithm, the WQS-F sensors can measure parameters such as COD, TOC, DOC, BOD, TUR, TSS, Nitrate and Chroma, etc. 

The WQS-F series sensors are mainly for identification and real-time online monitoring of domestic and industrial wastewater as well as process parameters optimization, cost reduction and efficiency enhancement of sewage treatment.

Combined with DL series meter head data transmitter and WQS-Server (WQS cloud service), users can easily view real time on-site data remotely and remote operation and maintenance of equipment.

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